The Transferable Skills Guide

By the She Sparks Tech Podcast

Ever ask yourself 

“how the hell am I supposed to represent this experience in a way that meets xyz job requirements?”


..yeah, me too…


That is why I’m sharing my process for finding transferable skills for a new role.


My goal for sharing this is to help you see new opportunities in what your past roles CAN bring to the table. It’s a skill to learn to communicate that, one everyone is continually working on!


Start exploring what comes next for you & your career with this easy to use Transferable Skills Guide!


Hi there,

I started the She Sparks Tech because I wanted to see more stories of amazing womxn trailblazing careers in the tech industry and break down expectations of what these roles look like.


What started as a pandemic hobby now drives so much of what I do and has allowed me to reach listeners in almost 20 countries across the world, sharing these stories that will hopefully inspire the next generation of great womxn in tech.